Cool Ways to Decorate with Repo Men Movie Poster and Wall Painting

Movie posters – at one point in everyone’s younger years have been a staple. A reminder of your favorite films, these posters are usually hanged in college dorm walls or in the bedroom. Today, movie posters have become design staples, but there’s a challenge posed by this type of design. Hanging it the wrong way will make your home seem tacky, reminiscent of your college dormitory days.

Take for example this Repo Men movie poster. There are several creative ways to hang it without making your home like a college dormitory. This movie poster can turn into an attractive work of art given the right way of hanging it.

Go beyond the usual tacking this Repo Men movie poster, and take on these creative ideas:

  • Creative gallery wall

Movie posters can be part of a gallery wall. How you set up the gallery wall can also be done innovatively. The most common gallery wall type is asymmetrical. This is where you add movie posters, wall painting, and other art work per piece. These items come in different shapes and sizes. But aside from this, you can also do an accent wall, symmetrical or grid gallery wall, common theme wall, the top-down design, and even the focal point gallery wall.

  • Nifty alternatives to frames

Frames are the commonest and easiest way to hang movie posters. It is also expensive especially if you’re looking to have it custom framed. There are tons of other alternatives to framing that can elevate a movie poster to wall painting status. For example, a wooden cleat is one way to hang a movie poster, great for a minimalist theme or that clean classic look. Another way is to use a magnetic frame. This alternative is best for movie buffs who love to change posters from time to time. Stretched canvas is great for large movie posters that can be hanged as a centerpiece. Aside from it being a cost-effective alternative to frames, it is more lightweight to hang regardless the size of the poster.

  • Collage wall

A collage wall that includes movie posters, wall decors, wall paintings, and other knick-knacks can give a wall space so much character. You can put up a collage wall in the living room to create an artistic wall mural that includes movie posters. Make sure that all items for your collage wall come together and compliment the room’s entire design and theme.

  • Lean that movie poster

There are several ways to lean your favorite Repo Men movie poster. You can either frame it with the use of the stretched canvas as described above or you can use an easel stand to do it. If you’re doing the former, large-sized movie posters are better off for this design idea to emphasize your décor. For the latter, you still have to frame the movie poster before you place it on the easel stand.

  • Panel movie posters

Give your entertainment room a movie theatre feel with panel movie posters. You can obtain several different Repo Men movie posters and line it up together or have a single movie poster divided into several panels. Either way, this will be a creative deviation from the usual centerpiece wall art that’s common in design.

Movie posters are not just suited for college dormitory rooms. In fact, given the creative way to hang it, it can become a great work of art. When you buy movie posters or buy wall painting online or any piece of artwork, it is essential to always look out for the best quality to ensure good value for your money. After all, it’s your home that will benefit from it most!