Payment due on April 2, 2010

Based on The Repossession Mambo novel by Eric Garcia, Repo Men is a science fiction action film that stars Jude Law, Forest Whitaker and Liev Schreiber.  Directed by Miguel Sapochnik, the film originally had an April 2, 2010 US and Canada release but was moved up to March 19, 2010.


In 2025, humans now enjoy an improved and lengthier life thanks to a corporation called The Union. This company provides bio-mechanical organs to humans on credit. While it all looks good, there’s a darker side to this corporation. When you can’t pay your bills, repo men will hunt you down and take away the organ none too kindly. Trouble comes when Remy, one of the repo men, collapsed due to cardiac failure only to wake up with a brand new heart that costs an arm and a leg. When he fails to make payment, The Union sends Jake, one of the Union’s toughest repo men and Jake’s partner.


The year is 2025, and The Union has come up with the perfect replacement of organ transplants -biomechanical organs. While these can be obtained through credit, it comes at a very steep price and an even steeper interest. But The Union’ most disturbing practice comes when you’re unable to meet payments. Employed by The Union are repo men who hunt you down and harvest back the organ when you fail to pay for three consecutive months. And it can be quite messy, leaving the customer dead most of the time.

Remy is one of The Union’s repo men, one of the best. Together with his childhood friend, Jake, they both make a great tandem. However, Remy’s profession remains a sour issue for his wife. She eventually leaves him, and he decides to quit his job. On his last assignment as a repo man though, tragedy strikes.

While on a repossession job, he uses a heart defibrillator to take a customer’s mechanical heart back, but the machine malfunctions, electrocuting him. His heart is severely damaged, and in his weak state, he has to choose – an artificial heart or death. Left with no option, he chooses the former.

Remy recovers, but is unable to perform his job as a repo man. He works as a sales agent, but realizes that it’s not enough to cover his payments. Jake comes to the rescue by taking him to a secluded nest where other people are avoiding repossession.

There Remy meets Beth, a fellow repo who is suffering from drug addiction. The pair live together with Remy writing a biography, but their relatively peaceful life was disturbed when a repo man attempted to take Remy’s heart. They somehow escape only to be apprehended at the airport. They escape airport security, and head to a black market doctor to replace Beth’s knee. There they are apprehended by Jake, who is now the assigned repo man to Remy. The former confessed he rigged the defibrillator to force Remy to stay as a repo man. This confession ensues into a fight with Remy knocked unconscious when his head hit a steel chain and hook.

They somehow escape again through the help of an underground group of refugees, and Remy vows to destroy the Corporation. They were able to gain entry into The Union and plan to destroy the system only to realize that the way to do it is to remove their organs, which they proceeded to do. Jake and Frank, his boss, enters the room where the system is and finds Remy trying to resuscitate Beth who stopped breathing. As Frank pulls a gun to kill Remy, Jake stabs him instead. They destroy The Union by detonating a bomb.

The next scene opens with Remy and Beth lounging at the beach with Jake. All is well as Remy looks at Jake, but only that the background fades and voices can be heard. As it turned out, Remy suffered a massive head injury from his scuffle with Jake, and is on a Neural Network machine; hence, he lives in a make-believe world.


Generally, the film received negative reviews from both critics and viewers. In the box office, it earned a total of $18,409,891 on a $32M budget and was included in the list of Biggest Box Office Flops of 2010.